3 Ideas for Content for Business Blogs

Business blogs take work. They require fresh, new content on a regular basis or people stop visiting them. Chances are, when people stop visiting the blogs, traffic to your business’ website rapidly decreases. Here’s three ideas for getting fresh, new content for your business’ blog.

What’s new with your business. Customers and potential customers want to know the latest and greatest. Give it to them. Let them know whether you have plans to expand, carry more lines of products, offer more services or are dropping others. While you may not think they care, they might. Giving them that information let’s them make that decision and builds a feeling of trust between you, the business, and them, the customers.

What’s new with your industry. Again, let them know the latest and greatest. Blogging about the trends in your industry, regardless of how technical, shows customers that you are an expert in your field. You keep up with changes and advance in the industry as a whole so that you can provide the newest, most technically advanced service or product to your clientele. Now, when blogging about your industry, keep in mind that you might want to consider writing about it in a way that your customers understand, keeping the technical jargon to a minimum.

Businesses related to your business. While the purpose of your blog should be to drive business to your door, in order to keep the blog content new, fresh and interesting, you could also include content from complementary businesses or industries. For example, if your business is strictly tree removal, why not blog about types of trees that could be planted in place of those removed? Discuss what type of trees will thrive in the local climate and soil type. Other content ideas for this scenario include landscaping, outdoor scaping and lawn and plant care.

This provides you with several benefits. First, if you get in position in which you’re providing content from complementary business on your blog, hopefully, you can develop relationships with these businesses, and they do the same for you. This provides both of you with more links and content for the search engines on the internet. Secondly, these relationships could be beneficial in practice. If a potential client reads information on your blog, or that blog of one of your complementary businesses, about what the possibilities are for his backyard if he’d just get that one, ugly dead tree removed, both your business and another business may benefit. You get paid to remove the tree. Your complementary business partner gets paid to landscape the backyard or to plant a tree that will thrive in that soil type. Lastly, partnering with a complementary business to get content for both your blogs helps both of you get interesting, fresh content that’s industry related, keeping you, the search engines and the customers interested and clicking through.

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